Monday, 30 December 2013

Patience Jonathan's Multi Billion Naira Hotel + The Massive FamilyHouse (Photos)

Mama Peace,as she wants to be called owns this massive hotel in Yenagoa according to Sahara reports.It is still under construction.See more photos of the hotel and the full military guarded family house in Otueke Bayelsa.

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  1. Make dem they build am go...make nobody stop dem...cos a time is coming when Kasala go burst ..when pple will show Zero tolerance...When we won't have the stomach to take all their shits anymore...REVOLUTION!!!!they will all go hiding, some will rot in jail...Then all dis buildings , money will be ours ..make I claim dis hotel too join ikeja shoprite jare...Detoun, no follow me drag am oo..look for another to Obasanjo farms ..