Thursday, 26 December 2013

Presenting Afrocandy In Her Birthday Suit As She Wished Nigerians AMerry Christmas

Christmas means different things to different people.To some,it's a time to eat and be merry,to others,it's a time to show love to the less privileged and while some actually feel it's the time to show their sexy self on social media.I am referring to Afrocandy here.She posted her bare boobs on twitter yesterday in celebration of the birth of Christ.
Check picture below jare.

To be honest,for a mother of two,those boobs ain't bad but I'm not encouraging nudity.Ki lo ba de gangan?


  1. Attention seeking whore.

  2. who is she again?remind me.

  3. Detoun, dapada...bare boobs in celebration of d birth of kiloti pe na?...abeg na in celebration of the birth of crises in her life if she no change... Afro is a PUNK..