Thursday, 5 December 2013

Question For The Ladies?

If you walked into your husband's office and met this lady as your husband's secretary,what would you do?Be honest.

*Tongue out*


  1. I swear it can't happen.Someone will die out of d 3 of us.

  2. When I didn't catch them straffing why should I give myself headache? Me I can't die for one man jare cuz thousand of women will match my grave over.
    But if my hubby is two timing with her no be oju lasan cuz this girl booby n mine na almost the same.

  3. D size of my hips is almost same size as hers...but God dose milk factories she's carrying will b d reason I won't mind being his secretary as well...

  4. I will sack her

  5. Lol @ all the comments.

    Ladies have faith in your men! You haven't caught him on top of her so why are you fretting?

    I won't do anything- She might have a back and front but as his wife I have the full package.

  6. This is not my husband type of woman. My husband hates women with big hips and hoops like this.