Wednesday, 11 December 2013

So sorry,no update today :(

Hello readers,I'm extremely sorry,I'm going to be offline for long hours.Today is actually the first day of my professional training in fashion designing.Remember I said I'd love to design for our Naija celebs lol.So,today,I take the first step in being a professional fashion designer.Wish me luck please.#Hugs to everyone.
These are clothes I made for people recently.

Shola,one of my clients.


  1. All the best my love ! I can't wait to see your name listed alongside a reputable celebrities outfit -stay blessed xxxx

  2. Good luck as u embark on another phase. God be with u. U are already on the way. Just finishing touches.

  3. I wish u d best and don't 4get us wen u get DER.

  4. Good luck!!! I like dat one with Red stuff like shimiri shimiri material . I no be oyiboo oo biko.