Tuesday, 14 January 2014

A Nigerian Transgender Vents Anger On President Jonathan For PassingAnti Gay Law

Oche Clifford now Ms Sahara Henson is a Nigerian transgender who lived in Nigeria as a man but now lives in the UK as a woman.Upset by the recent banning of homosexualism in Nigeria and everyone that's against it,he took to his twitter handle to blast President Jonathan . "Nigerians are so stupid they rejoice at this foolish law. Yet keep shut on corruption, poverty and spiral down low on morality in Nigerian politics / society. Kill gay people they are not human. So many lives have been ruined due to their bigory and backwardness.. All the gay people in Nigeria I know are married to women with children in fear of persecution.
Question: So all you stupid religious bigots, you hail your dumb president now, how will you feel if your daughter/sister/you (female)marry one of those gay men you chased into closet with hate.  You and that man will live the rest of  your life unhappy. silly people!"
Sahara Henson

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