Monday, 6 January 2014

Ameze Imarhiagbe Is Back!Hot New Photos

Do you remember her?Nollywood actress and producer,Ameze is back on the block.She relocated to the US when the ovation was loudest for her.If you watched movies like 'Dead End,Flesh and Blood,where she played a twin and suicide mission then you'll remember her.she can cry for Africa in movies.And rumours had it that she had a thing with Ramsay Noah then.......ok,I didn't type that.Scratch it please.
She just released some promotional shots and she is working on new movies.Watch out!


  1. Looking young and sexy.d last picture,didnt do it for me tho.


  2. I remember her... I love her in "living in bondage" too...and dis particular movie she did with Keppy Ekpeyoung Bassey...I can' t remember d title now...she has a great diction and she's very good...welcome back...
    She just made me remember Uche Osotule again....pls whr is she? We need her to come back too....