Thursday, 23 January 2014

Emmy Collins Takes A Swipe On Blogger,Ladun Liadi

He needs to take several seats please.Emmy is at it again and this time,he picks on fellow blogger,Ladun Liadi.Here is what he wrote:

"Someone sent this image of some blogger called Ladun last night and all I can say is wowwwww, is she a drag queen?The make-up and lip-stick is so raggedy. 
I don`t think she is a bad looking girl but she needs to simmerrrrrr the heck down on the make-up, KAI. I saw a video recently where she seems to have slapped on twice the amount of make-up she has here".


  1. Don't start any yeye talk Toun. He critiqued so many pple alongside Ladun, so y single her out. U sef wan take style yab true

  2. Who is dis 24 carat idiot called Emily kolington...dis guy is a parrot cum blabbermouth... It sickens me to hear guys talk like dis in d name of "I'm doing my Job".. Like seriously,what is ur fuck business with d lady?is she ur girlfriend?how has her make up affected ur already over heated brain..

  3. Pls pls pls...I like ladun..buh d@ pishur z horrifyin...abeg..she jabs oda pple on ha blog albeit codedly,let ha rewcieve a dose of ha mediicine..