Friday, 24 January 2014

Guess Who Is Kneeling Down For The President?

Here is Ambassador Dalhatu Sarki Tafida, a man so blessed he’s been in public service for 45 years now. He’s served in all governments since President Shehu Shagari:
- He was a Commissioner for Health for 4 years and Minister of Health for 5 years.
- He was a Senator for 8 years 
- Nigeria’s High Commissioner (Ambassador) to UK for about 6 years now.
- He is now 73 years old, yet kneeling down for a man 18 years his junior. There’s nothing wrong with respecting people younger than your age, especially those who God has elevated to positions of leadership. But why kneel down?


  1. Na lie.the man know say all d tins written in dat book can't be understood by our president n his wife can't even help the situation,so he decided to kneel down tu explain tu him;cos if he bends;by d tym he is done explaining,he might end up wit back ache.

    1. You've forgotten that the president has a be beans to get PhD

    2. @ anon,u've fgotten dat PhDs can be bought wt money?so forget dat yarn oo

  2. Lol ur funny 😝

  3. Toun U cn over emphasize!!!! Who ask u.

  4. Dis time wey Jona dey remove,dey sack like play,wetin d man for do now?. By the way na dis kain gesture person dey use if u wan confuse another..."daru mo l'oju"technique..if the president sef wan prove stubborn for im front ,he fit use im "agbada" sef cover presido's face..moreover, he be like say the ambassador and the first lady sef collabo to play "mago mago" for presido...Abi u no see as Patience siddon like a patient dog..