Monday, 6 January 2014

If A Guy Spends Money On You,You Don't Owe Him Sex;Gbemi OlateruOlagbegi

Gbemi O made some tweets about transactional relationships,advising ladies to stop being in a relationship for material gains."it's sick" she says.

She tries to pass a message to ladies that think the best way to show appreciation to a guy is by sleeping with him.But some people disagree o."why would you make a guy spend money on you without having to compensate him",says one of the tweets.

I 'give up. Ladies are telling me to keep quiet , it's because I'm privileged . Guys are laughing and saying that's how things go. Carry on'

'They said "Gbemi, you are too American . This is not Yankee. This is how things go here" Issokay'
"@GbemiOO: Stop having transactional relationships . Simple."RT not everyone got a good job like you hun!!!

Errr ladies over to you?Whose side are you on?Gbemi tries to defend the ladies but the ladies are telling her to shut up.


  1. Like someone will say, u want guys to buy u Brazilian hair,d latest smart phone, take u to movies, lunch and dinner..then u say all w@ guys want is Sex.excuuuse me , w@ else do u have to offer..w@ else is left for u to offer...Practically, the guys have done almost all..Funny..
    Gbemi they won't listen..not dis time and age when to many girls,losing a phone is more painful than losing their virginity bcos many even lost their virginity to get d@ phone...u can imagine...
    I know time is hard but our name,dignity,respect and self worth is all Gbemi is talking abt...we must keep and guide it...Say it to their face d@ ur body is not some "exchange commodity"..

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  3. madam Gbemi,u try but preaching dis 2 naija girls in 2014 is fruitless.shey after collecting all d material gain from a guy,wat explanation does she av not to av sex wt him?is d guy dat stupid?and no,u don't av a yankee mentality.a proper yankee girl's mentality is not different to a naija girl's mentality.they too offer sex to a man dat is willing to pay for it.
    but all in all,nice advice to those who are willing to listen.