Thursday, 9 January 2014

Julius Agwu's Wife Returns To Nigeria

‘Yiiiippeeeeeeee they r back #family #mylove #myPrince #myBaby‘, those were the words of excited father,Julius Agwu when his wife and son arrived from the states two days ago.Zadok Chibuike Agwu was delivered on the 23rd of October 2013 in Houston Texas and only just returned back to Nigeria on Tuesday January 7.The wife is looking super amazing.


  1. I believe Agwu knows why he named him Zadok..but pls parents shld always think abt names if now , some pple will start calling the little angel "Zad" some will deliberately pronounce it as "sad" someone who gave birth to twins and name them ..Praise and Why she no kuku name them "tithe and offering"...
    Welcome back..

    1. Lmaooooo Aunty xstardess u no go kill me.
      She's looks good for a mother of two