Thursday, 16 January 2014

Kate And Biola's Pre Wedding Pictures And Traditional Wedding

You'll love this couple.Young,cute and they compliment each other.It all started after Kate finished her NYSC and got her first employment.Kate had this to say:
I was so shy on my first day at work, but he made me feel at home with funny jokes and teases. He first caught my attention while putting me through all I needed to know in the organisation, and I always looked forward to our long chats after work hours, spending time  together till there’s less traffic before we go home. Our friendship grew as time passed and we basically shared everything together
Let's go through their pre wedding & engagement photos together.It's a mix of two cultures and lots of colours.Enjoy.

The Traditional Marriage


  1. I just tap into dis this very minute.dis yr shall and will not pass me by.whatever traffic dat is delaying my mr right shall be dissolved by lastma IJN.I am not joking o
    Beautiful bride,handsome bobo too.God bless ur union