Monday, 20 January 2014

Lupita Nyong'o Gets A Kiss Of Approval From Leonardo DiCaprio For HerRole In '12 Years A Slave'

Leonardo leans forward to give her the ultimate kiss at the Producers guild of America Awards held last night.
She was taking pictures on the red carpet when Leonardo spotted her
He couldn't help but stop for a hand cuddle.......
And a peck on the cheek
She wore this Asymmetric knee length dress,a black strappy sandals and a snake skin purse to complete her look for the night  
She's all covered up as she was pictured backstage of the awards
Brad Pitt was also impressed with the Kenyan star and couldn't afford not to take a shot with her
Chiwetel and Lupita in a 12 Years A Slave

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  1. I saw dis movie yesterday and I said WoW.. Dis lady deserves it d part the white lady threw a bottle of wine @ her face or the part the boss will come to her room and "rape" her in d presence of Chiwetel. Or the very part she was naked,tied to a tree and beaten by Chiwetel and d@ "stewpid" man..
    But the painful part was when Chiwetel was leaving to re-unite with his family leaving the girl behind..I cried..