Monday, 13 January 2014

Nose Job Or Just Nose Contouring

Some Nollywood critics still claim actress,Uche Jombo did a nose job to improve her look.The actress has come out to debunk the claims that she had a cosmetic surgery done on her nose.She told punch newspaper “I have never gone under the knife. I hear people say I have done plastic surgery on my nose. I cannot imagine a desire to fix my nose of all the things I would to my body. It sounds very ridiculous.”
I spoke to a make up artiste and she says there's a way you can apply make up on the nose area that makes it look pointed.Looking at the two pictures,a nose job done or just a perfectly done makeup?Look well.


  1. D first pix is old no foto shop or anything.d 2nd picture was touched too much dats why it Luks like dat.i think is makeup.

  2. I dey look..I dey look...I still dey look..I still dey look..iya Luku sef don dey follow me look...Luku too don join..we don turn lookman..oh oh, now I see...she didn't go under the knife...infact she does not need to go under the knife to get her nose done ,she can go under a surveyor to re-measured the nose for her..
    Or probably go to "Alaba" for nose piracy...
    Detoun,for Christ sake dis is as obvious as tribal marks on an Albino's cheeks..
    Still love her though..and I prefer her b4 pix..

    1. Bhuahaha Xstardess let me sleep please.
      So are you saying her nose was actually tampered with?

  3. Dis is not d UcHe me I knw ooooo, dere s sometin different about Her looks, not saying I knw wassup, cmmon we re not blind naaa, still love U̶̲̥̅̊ shha.

  4. Toun the makeup artist is right. There is a way to put on makeup your noise to make it pointy. Uche didn't go under a knife. It's just the same knowing what dress or blk dress to wear for your figure. Come on ladies, we should know this.