Friday, 10 January 2014


It's former TV gal,Jumobi Mofe Damijo looking like a million dollar and more.
She's cladded in a blue embroidered velvet,a white lace and a matching sequined gele to match.Her make up was done by Zainab Azeez of Z.A makeovers.
What do you think of Jumobi's look?


  1. She looks stunning. Everything ļş so so on point.

  2. she was almost goin out of proportion one time looking like a whale.tank God she slimmed down a bit.dat smile on her face I hope its genuine?cos d tin wey Jumobi's eyes dey see for rmd house her mouth no fit talk am.she married a gigolo.once a gigolo always a gigolo.i wld prefer to be single dan being married to a player.
    anyway bk to d picture,she looks good.for once her eyebrows are not too bushy.

  3. @Yum yum mummy , shey na Detoun remove d@ 2014 from ur ID?....
    Make Jumobi just maintain her low profile dey enjoy jeje oo..pple get her story for mouth ooo...beautiful as ever..