Thursday, 2 January 2014

Toyin Lawani's Tweets That Got Me Like Huh?

She tweeted that a certain British daily news gave her some gifts and cash for giving birth to a baby boy on  New Year's Day.They call them first baby of the year.

Gifts?That is very much possible from the British.They are very generous when it comes to babies and mothers.I gave birth to my son on the 31st of December and I know what I got.For also having the first baby of the year,you can get lots of media attention but money?That is most unlikely.If you are looking for the stingers, it is the British community lol.They don't give out cash just anyhow.I haven't heard of people giving birth on a special day and getting cash from some British organisation be it public or private organisation.
Maybe Toyin needs to shed more light on the cash gift before people translate it the other way round.
Congrats again on the birth of your baby.


  1. Lol Toyin always tryn to make herself feel important.e ma gbe wa sun o.shey na only u born for new yr day?so if 100 kids were born dat same time for d same hospirul,na 100 mothers go receive Mny be dat?

  2. Worever next pls....

  3. I gave birth to my daughter on new yr's day.I was given free pampers,baby creams,towels and lots of baby stuffs but no cash o despite d fact dat I even live in d UK.I don't believe dis lie at d first anon said,next pls!πŸ˜—πŸ˜™

  4. hmmm lucky baby.
    like aw much are we talking abt here?
    maybe I target my next pregnancy to be born next yr jan.