Wednesday, 5 February 2014

A Little Gift For You This Season Of Love

Most of us know how excited we get in February.We know it's a special month.And the cherry on the cake is the exchange of gifts.We all look forward to what we going to get abi?lol
Well,someone on this blog has decided to extend his love to treatizers by giving out 1000 naira worth of Airtime (GLO,Airtel,MTN and Etisalat).
Hey!not so fast,not today.It's going to be on for four Fridays starting from this Friday till the last friday in February.So watch this space!!!!Where are you at?All my people,don't dull please.
Sounds Interesting right?God bless this cheerful giver.


  1. I'm in pls.will definitely watch out 4fridays wink

  2. yummy mummy 20145 February 2014 at 13:20

    madam wats d catch?

    1. Let's watch out together.Not yet sure if there's a catch lol.

  3. Awoooffff... Why the person no make am everyday now? ur blog I go dey sleep , eat, play and wake up ooo...I must to chop out of dis awooofff...

  4. Make Xstardess and others leave the awoof for me nah as per the youngest *bats eyelashes*