Wednesday, 5 February 2014

'Because I'm Lightskinned,Guys Just Can't Get Their Eyes Off Me" OgeKimono

Oge is Ras Kimono's daughter who is also into music just like her dad.She shared
some of the challenges she face as a pretty young upcoming artiste,especially from the opposite sex.
"As a young lady you'll have men hitting on you all the time. I'm
light skinned and I attract a lot of traffic; guys just can't get
their eyes off me and I understand they are just human so I don't let
it go to my head. When guys make passes at me I hear Daddy's voice
come screaming from the background and I'm like 'okay Oge Kimono,
you've gotta watch yourself.'"

"Fortunately I've not encountered that.I think it could have a lot to
do with how you relate with people. When I meet producers for the
first time I try to make them my friends. I don't bore them with tales
of how I want to blow overnight in music.

"When they see desperation in you, thats when they come after you. I'm
not desperate for fame. I'm doing music because I love music; I've
never had that challenge." 


  1. And because of dis pple who aint fair shld go and pour hot water on dere body to be xtra,xtra fair,,, ur tym sha,rock wateva is in ur boat.

    1. Did u read it at all?

  2. I can relate with her on the point she made abt newbies being is not only seen in d entertainment industry..A friend of mine got duped of 6million naira cos he showed his desperation over something he needed..The truth is d@ if u are desperate, u get taken for granted even if u are good enough..
    Light attracts even flies...

  3. atleast ure not carried away by ur light skin by saying sumtin like 'I'm beautiful cos im lightskinned.
    so wat kind of song do u sing?regae like daddy?