Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Lola Alao Debunks Rumour That She Is Broke

A lot of us read the story.That Yoruba actress,Lola Alao was broke and now works as a supermarket attendant in the US.Well,She has responded to that story and claim the reports were lies. When she was called,Lola laughed off the story, saying that it was a ridiculous rumour.

“I took that picture they posted on the net in a shop in London four years ago. They resurrected it and now claim that is the supermarket I work in the US. I don’t know what they are talking about; it is their headache. As you can see, I am in Nigeria. I am already used to such stories.”
Lola said she wasn’t bothered about the story and she jokingly added that people would ‘dash’ her money now.
“At least, people who know me would be giving me money now because they feel I am broke. I don’t have a problem. Let them continue this false rumour,” she said.
She's however in Nigeria at the moment to shoot her new cooking programme and to work on her upcoming movie.
I have a programme, Lola Alao Kitchen. I am shooting it at the moment. That is basically why I am in Nigeria. I am also shooting my movie,” She concluded.

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  1. Lola can never be broke now...her name sef don debunk d rumour b4 now...Lola broke ke,Lola answani"