Tuesday, 18 February 2014

"Toke Makinwa Is Fake From Head To Toe" Nanya Diali

 They say, dont throw stones if you live in a glass house but apparently Toke Makinwa Ayida doesnt apply this wise word.

She is an OAP that anchors 'The morning drive' show on Rythm 93.7 FM and all she does is constantly attack her cohost, Nanya Diali calling him names and swearing never to date his type.

This morning on the show, as usual, Toke was first to attack Nanya saying the polo shirt he is wearing is fake, but trust the igbo presenter, he threw it back at her and says, his shirt maybe fake but Toke is actually fake from head to toe. *holds laugh*

A shocked Toke asked Nanya to expantiate on the aspect of her that is fake, and trust Nanya not to mince words. His words "If you remove the weaves, the fake eye lashes, the makeup, the push up bra and especially the bleached skin, people will run. You have no single natural beauty. You are totally fake!"

Please o,i have clothes to make.I will be back later.


  1. Omo yibo u no even mince ur words.u don get am for mind before abi?anyway,me sef agree wt u on d fakeness sha.im glad a colleague of hers called her out dis time

  2. Yeea sorry ouch

  3. For real? Bet why now?..We all know the name Toke is Synonymous to FAKE ..if u doubt me ask Thesaurus.com..Toke is a FAKEful girl...but I like her and w@'s my own if she's comfortable with Fake...

  4. Toun wait o. Did they say tht to demselves on air? *confused*...

  5. You don't have a contact us link. Did you hear about this http://www.360nobs.com/2014/05/toke-makinwas-wedding-alleged-to-be-fake-photos/