Thursday, 20 February 2014

Things I Made Lately

Been a while I put up pictures of my work.Unfortunately,I lost some pictures on my phone.These are just a few I could lay hands on.

A pretty client
Without the sleeve,which a lot of people preferred
With a mono sleeve

Please get used to the background you hear?Lol


  1. weldone madam.more increase in ur work and God's blessing.
    they all look nice.

  2. Cool.more grease to ur elbow.I will luv to be creative myself and clothes making is wat I'll luv to do.

  3. Nice but those designs aint new nau, why watermark dem pix

  4. They are lovely....abeg Detoun, we need models to start wearing dis clothes for us joor...which one be all dis "pako models"... Go girl.