Wednesday, 26 February 2014

25 Things You Didn't Know About Toke Makinwa

The media personality who is fast becoming a fashion icon,in a chat with Olatunde Alara of Genevieve magazine,shares her saddest moment,how she lost both parents to a fire incident,her most embarrassing moment and a lot more.

Educational Background:
• I have a Bachelors degree from University of Lagos, I studied English Language/Literature.
Three Words that best describe me:
• Happy
• Hopeful
• Honest
Role Models:
• My parents, I was adopted and when I look at how selfless and given they both have been, I cannot ask for more.
Favorite items in my wardrobe:
• I love shoes.
Favorite dress to wear to an event:
• I have so many Favorites; I don’t think i can choose.
Biggest Fashion mistake:
• I was styled to an event once, and on the red carpet when I was asked by the interviewer for the designer’s name of the dress I was wearing, I accidentally gave the wrong one.
Three things I can’t leave home without:
• Sunglasses (If it’s sunny)
• Lip gloss
• Nice bottle of perfume
 My current look:
• To be honest I am not afraid to push the fashion envelope, but I would say glam.
Happiest moment:
• This will have to be working. I love what I do, my passion drives me.
Most embarrassing moment:
• I have one too many of those. Lol, that’s where the whole Toke Moment thing started from, I think I am extremely goofy! I get a Joke hours and sometimes days after the moment the joke was shared.
Favorite Nigerian designers:
• Mai Atafo
• Iconic Ivanity
• Bridget Awosika
• April by Kunbi
Saddest moment:
• I lost both my parents in a fire incident in 1993. I remember that morning and I haven’t been able to speak about it ever since.
• Live like you are dying, we only get to live once!
Last book I read:
• The bible
In my spare time:
• I can’t remember what a spare time feels like, if I am not at work, I am thinking about work.
If I could raid anybody’s wardrobe it would be:
• Kim Kardashian
• Victoria Beckham (They are both stylish, and have endless access to designer’s clothes)
Things I would change about myself if I could:
• I have learnt to love me whole heartedly; my flaws are part of who I am.
Favorite places to visit:
• I love Europe. It’s not so far, and there are lots of beautiful places to visit and Shop.
The people closest to my heart:
• My siblings
Favorite Perfumes:
• White Flowers Creed
• Love in White
Favorite Colours:
• Yellow
• Cobalt Blue
• Black
• Emerald Green

Things I would change about my job if you could:
•  Absolutely NOTHING. I am living my dreams and I can only pray that it gets better
 Favorite Genre of music:
• I am not fussy; I listen to different genres of music.
Oldest Item in my wardrobe:
• Chanel scarf
Craziest thing I have ever done:
• I am still waiting to find out!
 Turn Offs:
• Dishonest people


  1. I feel sad for her on her parents death.such a painful way 2 loose ones parents

  2. She didn't say anyfin about ha hubby..

    1. Dats becuz dey didn't ask her.

    2. or it is probably an old interview

  3. We all have stories to tell...
    Nevertheless, a successful person is someone who can lay a firm foundation with d bricks others have thrown @ him/her.... Keep doing ya thing but acquire more wisdom... So far, I give it to u ..God help u..

  4. I love Toke regardless of whatever