Friday, 14 February 2014

What's Up With Noble Igwe And Rukky Sanda?

I haf laff die.It's about Rukky's newly premiered movie 'Gold digging' which Noble thought it was a child's play by Rukky.
"Rukky Sanders couldn't even coordinate her hair in this "Gold Diggin" movie, it looks like something shot during lunch break"
This "Gold Diggin" movie should be shown in schools as an example of " What Not to do"

"Rukky Sanders" knuckles reminds me of the Nigerian flag but just in different colours
"Rukky Sanders" wakes up flawless in all her movies complete with coloured contact 


  1. both of u even fit una selves.i havnt seen d movie so I cant say much or agree much wt him.noble u av a big head and a bowleg u know,so before u throw yabbis at pple look at urself.