Saturday, 8 February 2014

Will You Buy This?Canned Moin Moin Hit The Shops

This is the easiest way out to enjoying a delicious meal of moin moin.It takes away the stress of soaking,peeling and blending the beans.Just open the can and eat.Waoh,life gets easier by the day doesn't it?
So guys,will you buy this?


  1. Nope.i like my food freshly cooked.

  2. I like my food freshly cooked reminds me of Joseph Benjamin in "Mr and Mrs"
    As for the moimoi, no I will not eat it!!! Freshly made moimoi sef dey purge me, not to talk of canned one!!! *igberepetere*

  3. What won't they "can".. They will soon CAN eba, fufu, amala...Detoun, so d@ moi-moi will be in d@ CAN for how many days b4 it if dem no sell am nko...dey will recycle it..abi? Unless dem don CAN my brain too, d@ is when u will see me buy dis...
    Anyway sha , I still commend their hard-work..

  4. I don't like moi moi not to talk of canned one hell to the No