Wednesday, 19 March 2014

"Yes I'm Dating Sikiratu Sindodo But I'm Not Planning Marriage WithHer" Sule Alao Malaika

News filtered round sometime ago that these two were heading for the alter soon despite the fact that the Fuji star artiste already has two wives at home.But he revealed to Encomium magazine this week that although they are lovers but marriage is not in his thinking.
Interview excerpt:

It was reported that you aren't getting married soon to a new wife, is it true?
There’s nothing like that, it’s not even in my thinking. It’s unfair for people to just start fabricating lies about me that I want to marry a new wife.  I’m a role model, a celebrity and musician. Any event I want to organize, there is no how I would not invite people around me. There is no such plan at the moment. People should dissociate me from such rumour. I’m not marrying anybody at the moment. My album is my main priority at the moment. My fans have been expecting Super Star album. My team is working hard to make sure the album comes out as soon as possible. My duet with Olamide, Bosenjo is still doing well. We are currently on radio tour. Tune to your favourite station, you will listen to the song. I don’t really want to talk about damaging issues.
Could it be that they are referring to Sikiratu Sindodo?
I have already told you that any story about marriage now is a rumour.
She admitted to us that you are dating, is it true?
Yes, she’s right.
Can you marry her and will the romance lead to the altar?
I don’t plan for myself, everything will work the way God wants it.
How many wives do you have presently?
I only have two wives presently.

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  1. yummy mummy201419 March 2014 at 14:03

    sindodo had better talk 2 her legs and use her brain,dis razz boy is using fast.