Saturday, 8 March 2014

Kwam 1 Gives His Second Daughter Out In Marriage

We brought you pictures of his first daighter's wedding.This is the wedding of his second daughter,Ameenat,which also took place at his Ijebu home on Thursday March 6 2014.The third daughter,Sekinat,will wed tomorrow March 9 2014.

He was asked why he's giving out his daughters in marriage all at once and he replied:
The truth is I didn’t insist on the 3 of them getting married at the same time. It was one of them who wanted to do her marriage. She happened to be the junior one and in the Yoruba tradition, it’s always good to have the older one take the lead while others follow. So, I asked them and they said they were ready and were only waiting. So, I asked them “what are you waiting for?” They were probably waiting for who will do it first. That was how they all decided to do it about the same time, but on different days." 


  1. congrats to all d brides.

  2. HML.
    In all d wedding pictures wr are d brides mothers?

  3. Yummy mummy20149 March 2014 at 18:34

    Congrats and hml to them.