Monday, 10 March 2014

Lagos Cougars Review From My Own Point Of View

The last time I watched a movie was about a month ago.12 years a slave and it took me 3 days to finish it.I hate movies.Well,playback to eight,nine years ago,I used to love watching them but not anymore.I'm way too busy to sit down for two hours,on a spot,at a stretch.For what now?
I came across this movie showing jejely on my TV screen so I decided to watch and believe me I didn't regret  every minute I spent watching it.This review is not from a professional view o as I'm not a movie critic.It's just from my lay man point of view.
It's the story of three city ladies who are into younger guys.One,Uche Jombo, is into it just for the fun of it.No emotional attachment.The second one,Monalisa Chinda,reluctantly gets into it but unfortunately,the boy happens to be his son's bestfriend hahhah see gobe.The third lady,Daniella Okeke falls in love with a younger man who works with her.These ladies are the cougars.For some reason,i love the story line,i love the way each character delivers his/her line.I love the chemistry between Monalisa and her younger lover.It was so real.He is mixed race which makes him very hot too lol.
Daniella Okeke and her younger lover were such a perfect pair.In my mind I wanted the romance to be real in life.
The only ish I don't like about this movie is Uche Jombo's acting.She was paired with Alex Ekubo but a lot of times,Uche screams and does some gragra acting that are unnecessary.
Oh did I mention,Shawn Faqua who played Monalisa's son?Another fine boy and he delivered very well.Very natural.His reaction was quite believable the moment he knew his mum was dating his friend.
Sorry I don't want to give away too much on the movie for the sake of those yet to watch.I don't want to be a spoiler.But I will recommend it for those who want pure entertainment,good laughter and some mushy mushy romance.It's an Emem Isong production.

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