Thursday, 20 March 2014

Photo Of The Day!LMAO

She too wants to know what's going on in the country but She's never going to get it.The paper is freaking upside down!!


  1. Detoun, I can see una never "jasi" d in-thing...d@ is w@ is going on now..shey u no know say everything is upside down in dis country,abi tell me w@ is normal in dis country...every info we get is upside we listen to on radio,tv is upside down make we kuku dey read it ourselves upside down now.. There4 if u must read ur newspaper too,na upside down oo..

  2. Detoun,u are the laziest of all bloggers,one or two stories a day,thats not good enough,common shake off your laziness nd do real blogging.
    An open letter frm a concerned fellow.