Saturday, 1 March 2014

Video Vixen, Venita Akpofure And Her Alleged Butt Implant

Ohh where do I start this from?Ok you must have read on some other blogs the ugly ish going on among Gbemi Phillips,Venita
and former best mate of Venita,Nicky.For those who haven't read it,kindly google these three names.To be honest,I ain't bothered about their cat fight (have you seen where girls fight before?it's always like ewww so I don't put nose) but the only thing I've been able to gather from this 'fiasco' is that Vixen,Venita actually had a $10,000 butt implant.Check it out below;
Lol who revealed the secret?Gbemi Phillips.Read 

Gbemi Phillips
Guess what?This is not over.More dirty revelation coming soon meanwhile,I'm off to the salon.See y'all later *wink*.


  1. yummy mummy20141 March 2014 at 14:21

    being relevant4 all d wrong reasons.
    oshi oda.they must be very jobless to b fighting up and down twitter.if all of dem are married and busy wt kids dey wont av such time.
    my baby is going 2b one soon.we are getting ready for d big day.

  2. Wow..yum yum mummy,abeg invite me ooo....
    Venita, no so pple dey change ooo...make u dey keep ur own secret to urself...Even if ur secret zone don full...abeg do recycling.... Idi Amin ..