Friday, 3 October 2014

Do You Want To Know The Reasons Nigerian Spouses Divorce?

We all know it takes the grace of God for marriages in our generation to survive.The most common basis for divorce is cheating shey?
You are in for a laugh.Read some of the stupidest reasons some couples divorce.

ADEOJO ABIODUN, a 35 year old electrician, had his marriage of five years dissolved because his wife, BIMPE only prefers missionary method during sex.

Ibadan Grade C Court (Oyo) granted his request after all pleas to BIMPE to change her orientation fell on deaf ears. According to BIMPE, “Only promiscuous men will be changing styles during sex. It is ungodly to try all the nonsense he wants to start practicing with me. I permit him to move on.”

“I don’t know who can fight better betweenLADI, the African tiger and my wife. I always cry like a baby every time we fight. I rather end the marriage before she kills me”, that was BERNARD OKOYE’scomplain for divorcing his wife at Iyana Ipaja (Lagos) Grade A Customary Court.

OJELEYE TAIWO, a carpenter divorced his wife, FUNMILOLA because she cannot stand more than one round of sex. “I don’t want to commit adultery but my wife is just too lazy in bed. I cannot continue to be sex starved.” He narrated the reasons he wanted a divorce to Agege Customary Court (Lagos).

AWODUNNI ADEMOLA and SIKIRATdecided to end their two year marriage because SIKIRAT is too dirty.

“She doesn’t take care of the house. Her dirtiness has chased all my friends away. None of them can stand the offensive odour that usually oozes out of the house.

ORJI EMEKA and NNEKA ended their two year marriage because of her drinking habit. EMEKA filed for divorce at an Igando Grade ll Court (Lagos) because his wife drinks to stupor.

“She is the first woman I will see get drunk. She doesn’t know anything than to drink. After cautioning her, she will say, it is her family tradition.”

BASHIRAT ALIU divorced her husband because he salivates each time he talks. She confessed to an Ikare Akoko Customary Court, Ondo state that she married him that way but did not know his situation was that terrible. Despite her husband’s pleas, BASHIRAT packed out of the house.

TOSIN ADAMS, a 28 year old trader told Ikeja High Court (Lagos) to dissolve her marriage of three years because her husband did not disclose his salary at home. She told the court that YUSUF had been cheating her, that is why he cannot disclose his pay to her.

NNAMDI CHUKWUMA and NGOZI did not come to terms and their marriage hit the rocks. According to Nnamdi, his wife only gave birth to female children. He told an Igando Customary Court (Lagos) to dissolve their marriage because he wants male children.

CHUKWUDI STEPHENS, 37 year old electrician filed for divorce because his wife eats too much. He told Agege Customary Court (Lagos) that his wife can finish the food that can conveniently feed three people.

“I have never seen human being eat like that. She hides under the pretense of nursing a child and finishes all the food in the house.”

ABIDEMI MORAKINYO divorced her husband on the ground that he is fond of flatulence. “He is never ashamed of releasing it even when my younger ones are around.” She prayed an Agege Court (Lagos) to dissolve her union.

RACHAEL YAMBODE, a 32 year old civil servant did not come to terms with her husband’s habit of punching her when watching wrestling. “I don’t like wrestling but he insisted I should watch with him. I can’t count the number of times he gave me black eye.

He usually apologized but I rather go my way, that was what came out of her mouth when speaking with an Omuaran Customary Court.

Lmaooooooooo this piece was culled from Encomium Magazine 

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  1. Lol @ "it's our traditional"'s also my traditional to have multiple orgasms during sex...a man d@ cannot give me d@ will meet his case @ omuaran customary court.... Smh...
    Some pple are so funny...imagine stupid cases in front of these judges...if I'm one of the judges , I will simply send them to their villages to go and give their village elders/kings headaches with their stupid cases...