Friday, 24 October 2014

Tuface Idibia's All Round Versace

At the Hennesy artistry concert held in Ghana,the pop legend's fashion statement was quite noticeable as he came on stage in a Versace high top trainers which cost about £700 (190,000 naira) and a studded Versace belt which isn't less than 30,000.Before he mounted the stage,he was spotted in a black Versace loafers which is between a hundred to a hundred and fifty thousand naira (100,000-150,000 naira).Did someone say cheap?
Oya calculate.


  1. So only dis shoe can pay my daughter's school fees.issokay!make I quickly go thief am for Tubaba's house go hand am over to the principal of her school,make him use am as sch fees.
    In all,as far as he worked for it,he shld live in the tchelete(good life) world.