Saturday, 1 November 2014

Check Out Tonto Dike's Halloween Make up

And please Halloween is not devilish or demonic or whatever term people are using.Can Nigerians for once in their life take a chill pill and just losen up.We don't have to bring religion to everything we deem foreign to our culture.Chai,some people can make life pretty difficult sha.
If we are that religious and spiritually inclined that much,then why is my country the way it is?BTW ain't nothing wrong in adopting one or two foreign cultures,The world is multi-cultured already.

Anyways a lot of kids knocked on my door yesterday and I was more than happy to share sweets and candies with them.


  1. D truth is over there, there is a reason for Halloween...Now tell me,do kids here knock on doors shouting "trick or treat"? . If we want to adopt anything , pls let's adopt it with the motive and act behind it....all dem celebrity here will just paint themselves looking like Berger Paint employee..abegiii....

  2. Lmao@ looking like berger paint employee.