Saturday, 15 November 2014

New Body Alert!Omowunmi Akinifesi Flaunts Her New Hips

Except you not very current with Naija news and celebs,then you won't know how former beauty queen,Omowunmi Looked like before.She posted this picture with the caption above and she jokingly said she's loving her new body Lmaoooo.What's new in her body of twenty something years if not the hips.You didn't lose or gain more weight so what's the new body o?
This must have been done in South Korea.Someone told me that's where you get the best and cheapest cosmetic surgery.
Hehehehe anyways,I know it's none of my business though.
Check out her before pictures.


  1. Wat kim has caused.If u have got it flaunt it jare.

  2. She has said she did not do surgery o.

  3. @ anon, she no do surgery, na operation she do....
    All dem girls wey dey do butt implant , na one question I just wan ask them....when u sit down ,shey e no dey feel like say somebody lap you? Shey u dey feel d@ fake butt as ur original flesh?....d thing wey dis girls go cause on d road to heaven......chai! D road wey be say na narrow road b4...cos dem go use their fake butt collect space ooo....