Friday, 19 April 2013

Must Read:Ways To Boost Your Confidence And Be Hot

Have unstoppable confidence. Remember the first rule of convincing other people you're amazing: you have to believe it yourself. The quickest way to communicate this to other people is through your body language. Stand tall, keep your chin parallel to the ground and your shoulders back, and look straight ahead. Make a few seconds of eye contact with each person you pass, and hold someone's gaze when you're talking to him or her. Don't walk quickly down the halls, be sure to pause and socialize with people. Most importantly, don't forget to smile!It's

Ignore gossips and rumors about you, and walk on like nothing ever happened. Avoid getting into tacky confrontations with anybody - if they have a problem, it's their issue, not yours.

Pay nice compliments. The most confident people are those who are able to verbally make others feel good without feeling jealous. If you're really trying to get someone's attention, pay him or her a genuine compliment. Pick something you know he or she is proud of, or that other people don't usually notice about him or her. Deliver it with a smile and with your voice slightly lower in tone than usual.

.Have an edge. You can be pretty, cute, etc. but not hot if you don't have an edge. If you aren't "on-the-edge" already, try dressing more or less, skateboarding, or becoming more extroverted.

Pick a good haircut. Ask your stylist about bangs, layers,low cut etc. and what may look good on you, and good for styling. If you want, ask for them to dye or put highlights in your hair.Don't be afraid to experiment with your hair.I just did.

Take care of your face and skin. Taking care of your skin can be hard because everyone's skin is different. You can have oily skin, dry skin, normal skin, sensitive skin, acne skin. It is important to experiment with different face care products and find one that fits you.

Get in shape. Exercise and tone up your body. Find a workout that suits your schedule and makes you feel good. Loose weight if you're overweight, or gain muscle mass if you're really skinny. Get started with these steps:

Keep a positive body image. You don't have to look anorexic to be in shape. Looking fit is more attractive than being too skinny. Remember, the super-skinny/ celebrities that you see in magazines are mostly touched up via PhotoShop.

Consider managing body hair. Depending on your culture, it can be seen as attractive and even hygienic to shave, pluck or wax certain areas of your body.You get?Wax baby.

Wear stylish clothes. Buying clothes that flatter you is key to helping you appear attractive. A great outfit should mask your flaws while highlighting your best features. Remember, it's okay to show some skin. If you dress more modest or classy, people may consider you "sexy" or "pretty" instead (both of which are different from "hot").

Don't constantly put others or yourself down.

Be humble. Although, don't be afraid to take compliments. If you call yourself ugly when you're clearly not, then everyone thinks you're desperate for compliments. Be modest, but still be confident.

I sincerely hope you pick a point or two here and make good use of the tips.


  1. single and searching19 April 2013 at 19:55

    May Almighty God just bless u for dis.useful putting most of these to use and hope i my dream man looks my way someday.


  3. waoh......this sort of hits me.thx Toun

  4. does make a whole lotta sense

  5. Hmmm nice read.BTW I like UR hair cut

  6. Dis post really helped me a lot. I went to a party yesterday and I wasn't unnecessarily shy.i walked head up with a smile which I don't usually do. Most tunes I sit at a spot for hrs cos I don't av dat confidence to get up and walk around too many pple.hmmm, but yesterday I made sure I looked my best and I was even serving people food and whatever it is they need.lolzGod bless u Toun