Saturday, 20 July 2013

Laugh wan kill me die 2013

The Jedi LWKMD 2013 was held some weeks back in Dallas.Princess,Gbenga Adeyinka,Jedi,Seyi Law and a host of other comedians were in attendance to make the show a reality.Enjoy few pictures of the event.

Dallas audience
Princess mounts the stage

Princess again!!
Helen Paul
Gbenga Adeyinka
Jedi himself

Seyi Law in the building
Dj Tee
Some souvenirs


  1. D show doesn't look well attended to me.the audience is very few.
    Is that princess?She needs to hit d gym like yesterday.wat she eating?see her legs.i'm not impressed wt the show

  2. oga o.which kain show be dis nah?wey d audience?and ki lo n worry princess?why is she dressed lyke dat?mtchew whoever organised d show needs to up his game.

  3. International audience can't beat home audience in terms of attendance.
    Now Im also worried abt My dear Princess' weight except she's pregnant.

  4. U know seeing dis comedians/comedienne repping good, I strongly believe "a man is great by deeds & not by birth" love u we we ooo...

  5. I love Helen Paul LOL she's funny as heck !!