Friday, 19 July 2013

And She ages gracefully

Today is Her birthday.And from myself and my fellow treatizers,We wish you a happy 42nd birthday!

Some of her birthday gifts are obviously from Louis Vuitton.That's the kind of gifts we ladies deem fit.*wink*


  1. Hbd miss best actress.sych a beauty

  2. Hbd Kate.*whew* 42? dats a landmark congrats.

  3. HBD,wish u all d best in lyf....send me some of dose goodie bags oooo.

  4. Happy bornday..but all dis paper bags dem, u sure say sometin dey inside?..and how come all na d same..shee all her friends go d same place go shop for am ni?abi wetin u expect her to do when no one remembered her buffday?shee she no go run enter house go dust all dem designer bags use dem pose like say dem be gift from friends?..

    1. No mind dem jawe....we r tired of always seeing d bags,we nid tu see dem contents.