Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Oge Okoye's outfit and Nadia Buari's AFWL outfit

Oge Okoye wore this outfit for a wedding over the weekend.
While Nadia rocked her mum's design at the African fashion week London over the weekend also.Did Oge get it right this time?Or did Nadia reveal too much in the chest area?What do you think ?


  1. Oge's outfit looks nice!
    Nadia nailed it - she is one hot momma!!

  2. Oge poyoyo;u r so on point..n Nadia,fantastic outfit;all dis for melanin pigmented Jim Iyke.buh wait ooooo,why does d pics on d left look lyk a mannequin n d 1 on d left lyk a barbie doll or is it my eyes*runs tu wash face wit pepper*

    1. Lol@ LollyBee .. make sure you use
      " The New Elephant Blue detergent" to wash your eyes LMAO!!

      Is she dating Jim Iyke? That's news to me -
      I don't see them as a perfect match!He seems too rough for her and she seems too butterish/snotty for him #Imjustsaying#

    2. Yems babe,She and Jim are an item.Unconfirmed though.

    3. Lol ..Toun unconfirmed item!

  3. @Lollybee,when you are done with washing of ur eyes,pls kindly come bk and tell us what you see.

  4. Oge tried small in dis outfit.abeg make I thread sofri sofri on Oge make her high blood pressure no go rise again o.
    Sorry but Nadia doesn't do it for ne in dis her outfit.she looks different in a bad way and since she don join force wt jim iyke,her innocence has bn taken away.this doesn't look lyke d Nadia we used to know.

  5. They both nailed it...but is d@ a pirated Nadia?...cos I tire ooo..since she don dey roll with a naija guy& na piracy full naija blood especially nollywooders..cos there is nothing Jim cannot do ooo..