Monday, 5 August 2013

Faces,fashion,glitz,glamour and more glitz at the premiere of the muchtalked about movie 'Labo'

Few days ago,the UK Nollywood movie,Labo,which means 'to return home' was premiered at the Odeon cinema,Greenwhich and it had casts and crew troop out in support of the movie.First time producer,Roseline Sanni-Ajose joined hands with director,Femi Fadeyi to produce this wonderful movie with such great message wrapped in it.Among those at the premiere were,Sola Shobowale,Doris Simeon,Victoria Inyama and a host of others.Enjoy the red carpet pictures.
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  Shola Sobowale

Sola Sobowale and Doris Simeon
Roseline Sanni Ajose (producer)
Roseline Sanni Ajose and Dorris Simeon

Sola Sobowale and Femi Fadeyi
Egor Efiok and Victoria Inyama

What do you think of the red carpet?


  1. Na wa for some of dis London fashion sha.some are cool and some are just way off proportion.
    Can Ego efiok pls stop wearing short dresses.her legs disturb my eyes.when u know d shape of ur body,u can save d public by wearing wat fits ur body type.
    Sola sobowale is still looking good,Doris not bad.she can do better.

    1. @Wumzy ..Nah this isn't London fashion, this is a personal taste in their fashion which now happens to reflect London!Lol!

  2. @1st pics-*faints
    @4th pics-*kukurooku*nonsense tingy
    @6th pics-warris dis?*faints again*
    Sola shobowale;u no wan leave d scene 4 ayonge lyk us?Egor Efiok;not d way tu dress gal*coughs*Doris Simeon;u luking gud sweety.Femi Fadeyi;u luk cool bro!!!
    13th pics;nice style buh tu lepa 4 d outfit
    14th pics;muuuuuuaaah
    16th pics;why u dey show yah back,no yansh tu showcase joor!!!
    21st pics;luvly n classy
    23rd pics;oya reverse.....

  3. Back up! Back up!!!!!

    What on earth is wrong with these people's fashion sense? Lawd ave merci pon mi soul! But ah weh dem ah go dress like pumpkin soh?Jeez!!
    Number 1: Say what now? Left over petticoat aka “Shimi” made into a dress…lol!!!
    Number 2: Hmmm Dudu-Osun please cream your hands next time.
    Number 3: Shola Sobs – Mummy .. not bad !
    Number 4 : Laced catsuit- Girl you're not catwoman and with that figure N to the O!
    Number 6:Roselin Sanni Ajose (producer) lady you look like a mannequin and not a producer!! Sack your stylist ! This style does not say Producer to me!
    Number 12: Blank face .. Lol!
    Number 13: Brown Ankara Not bad ..
    Number 14: Lilac and Blue Ankara :Elegant!
    Number 14: Purple short dress – too short and the shoes are a FAIL!
    Number 17: The whole outfit has bedazzled me! Long dress and then a mini jacket ! Why ?
    Number 18:Purple ruffled ill fitting dress, then sandals on tights? STOP!
    Number 20: Not bad but she looks like Ariel the Mermaid LOL!
    Number 21:Ladies Ladies to the left – right are you heading to a Bashment rave in a nightclub or to a premier of a movie?
    Number 22: LMAO! at the off the shoulder boob explosive dress and the Boogie Boogie shoes LOL!!

    These people!!

    pls allow me to laugh.I'm only human.I'm only laughing at the comments and not people in the pictures.

  5. Some dresses look like thy were sewn in d dark.
    Some like they were recycled
    Some like it was given to them as a take-away gift...sebi u know take-away packs are not always named..they just give u also some pple are not measured,they jst give them cloth to wear...While some are cool..d@ last pix, did any1 hang her neck to take d@ pix?

  6. All I see is bad fashion sote I no come fit identify the ones when try..........horrible dress sense