Thursday, 29 August 2013

Is blonde the sexiest hair colour?

There's a stereotypical perception of a blonde haired woman.She's mostly perceived as being dumb.But looking beyond intelligence,a blonde haired woman is always the centre of attraction in a good way.They are considered very golden and attractive.*Please if you are very black,don't dare the blonde look or else......*
Check out some of our Ladies and their blondie look.Who's the blondest of them all.

Rukky Sanda

Ayo Adesanya
Yvonne Okoro
Tonto Dike
Kendra Etufunwa
Stephanie Okereke
This is how you'll look if you are black and then you go blonde.*tongue out*.


  1. who is s kendra babe?
    i love blonde(definitely not that tonto's shade) and wine

  2. I love Yvonne okoro's blonde and Ayo.i don't like steph's own o.the kendra can try to eat small nah so her colar bone can fill up

  3. Dat last pics would keep me laughing for days..tonto is d blondes of them all

  4. Rukky is making me love d blonde look.

  5. Dem all rock am wella ...but d@ kendra's own no look like gidi joor...e be like say she simply use JIK to bleach her hair ni joor...She JIK it out...
    The last pix is 100% bloody blonde..
    Tonto is the blondest..

  6. I think the last pic is from a country called Solomon Islands where they have naturally red-headed and blonde black people. Yvonne's own isn't really blonde. Love Rukky's own maybe cos it's done from d roots and looks more natural. Sorry I'm such a geek.

  7. Shey kendra get HIV ni? Ayo's hand looks older than the rest of her body abi na my eyes? I like Rukayatu's hair

  8. (O_O)hands on hips giggling @ amaka