Friday, 23 August 2013

Kaffy,the lady dancer with the most amazing pregnant body

When i saw her pictures,I was wowed.OMG She's pregnant and still looks amazingly sexy.Well,I'm not too surprised.She has a great body and she works out a lot.And I won't be surprised when she puts to bed and a month later her tummy is as flat as a board.Some people are that lucky.


  1. Kafaya my rose model *in jenifa's foice* this babe's energy is so amazing!!! 2 seasons ago she was almost due yet she danced and did all the callisthenics on project fame. Yeah, after delivering her tommy becomes flat again oh

  2. She's just an amazing lady.I love her energy.

  3. D@'s d secret....u dance, u bounce, no matter d condition....