Friday, 9 August 2013

Picture & beauty of the day

I have not really seen our first lady,Patience Jonathan, fully pictured like this before.Each time I see her,it's mostly on tv and she's always surrounded and shrouded by people.I didn't know she was this beautiful.Whoever styled our mummy did a wonderful job on her.This picture was taken at the South Korea's first lady dinner in Seoul.She looks very elegant in her complete African ensemble.


  1. Detoun,she has tu lyk beautiful n fine bcos she is in Seoul.she cant b dis elegant in naija were even d sun is working against one's beauty.n also has tu b shrouded by pple bcos bomb n kidnappers cud surface anytime,even her speech is always ladened wit fear dat is why she always picks on her words.She luks at peace n cool here,maybe she shld stay dere n let someone else tk ova her reins of power in Naija abi???

  2. Well,on behalf of her fellow widowers,we say congratulations for looking good for once.

  3. DIGNITY is like VIRGINITY, once lost, it can neva be regained...I don't care if she is wearing eleganza
    or has Dangote as her stylist..I still respect my "iya elewa agoiun" more than her..
    Make dem no sha allow her speak English over there...