Friday, 9 August 2013

TGIF.Just for laughs

Funky Mallam in his keke marwa challenges Gbenga Adeyinka in his jeep lmao.I wish I knew how the conversation went.Uncle Gbenga,just try and maintain the distance like that.He's a Mallam and they don't joke with their suya knife lol.


  1. yorubas are d worst cowards but get plenty mouth.hausa no dey too just to slice anything dat looks like meat including human being.ibos get mouth and they are d strongest.

  2. Dat is why leggedis-benz is gud.luk at ow d third man is jejely walking away witout any obsruction leaving d oda two tu slug it out.heheheeeeeeeee,mk dem also argue on orobo n lepa oooo.*walks away singing Iceprince's Aboki*

    1. Most probably,that's wat they are arguing about,who knows?
      "Orobo vs lepa"
      Keke marwa vs jeep"
      Hausa vs yoruba"
      I'm so upset.....I wish I knew.

  3. @Detoun, why Gbenga no go maintain d@ u know maybe he dey come from ante-natal or probably from d hospital for pregnancy test,make mallam come use suya knife bring baby out from dis kain belle tru incision...