Monday, 9 September 2013

Between this young lady and Toolz

People compare her to media personality,Tolu 'Toolz Oniru.The only difference between the two is that Toolz doesn't exhibit so much confidence when it comes to showing off her curves.Infact she appears timid and very shy and so conscious of her plus size frame.Sometimes I find it very annoying.This young lady on the other hand is a complete opposite (my opinion though).She's one lady who is not afraid to showcase what her mama gave her lol.She exudes so much confidence,which to me,is sexy.And you won't believe,She's Nigerian.She's Ibo.Ok,that's my opinion.What's yours?Between Toolz and Racksey,who is sexier.
Check her out on Instagram @fi_racksey.

This is the real 'gobe'.


  1. This is mad curves.Toolz should park well.

  2. Ludicrous!how can one person carry all these load by herself?this is outrageous

  3. Lmao.Ludicrous,outrageous,I feel you.

  4. wait.i haff to go and come bk to dis.i haff to digest d pictures very well.

  5. *fans selfs and runs away to take a cold bath **tools step aside

  6. Chai..too mch of everytin, Ogaju! She's pretty n hot buh she's short. She beta nt get fatter dan dis..n wen she ages, leg pain arises cuz of too much weight on d leg. I prefer toolz

  7. JESU KRISTI !!!!!!
    Warris dis??
    Toolz dey learn where dis Murano babe dey oo.
    Haaaaaaaa,u fit hang. For dat backside from from Sango to Oshodi straight.
    God Abeg oo,Na u give dis girl all dis possessions??
    It is well oo

  8. Dis is House on the rock...Aso rock infact...