Monday, 16 September 2013

Faces at Fade Ogunro's Glam TV launch

Alex Ekubo,Sharon Ojong and Rita D

Fade Ogunro
Maje Ayida
Ufuoma Ejenobor
Rita D
Toke Makinwa


  1. Werrin Toke see for dis MAje Ayida abi wetin dem call am?he looks 2 mean and an my opinion sha
    Alex Ekubo for life.God took his time to mould u
    Rita na d same look nah.notin new
    Ufeoma,old mama youngy

  2. Toke is always looking great.I luv her.
    Is it me or does Rita look fatter on d face?

  3. Fake life is all I see...pls all u shld just know w@ u are doing....Live ur life..they wake up to go to an event to meet d same set of pple ,do the same thing over and over ...chatting, drinking, posing in front camera..u no tire..Be real..wake up..the fact d@ they say u shld never give up on ur dream does not mean u shld keep sleeping..u guys are sleeping cos dis is so fake..

    1. its ur bday, cnt u keep ur shit in u today? haba! they work hard for their money too.

  4. I'm scared to even wink at Alex as an admirer as I was attacked the last time "sad face"

    1. I just love u! U're like the most matured person on this blog. Your comments are always spot-on. @detoun, nice blog! Am addicted but yet to receive the grace to leave comments.