Monday, 16 September 2013

Happy birthday to world famous,Xstardess

Dear readers,It's our girl,xstardess's birthday today.Let's show her some love by wishing her well.She has celebrated a lot of people and prayed for us on this blog.And She has made a lot of us laugh away our worries (me especially).
Happy birthday sweets,I wish you a peaceful mind, joyous heart and a successful life.May your hopes and dreams and aspirations come true!
I'm still begging her to send in her picture .


  1. Long life and prosperity IJN! Pls send in a pic :*

  2. hbd maami.enjoy your day and let d cake reach us.

  3. Happy Birthday to the funniest woman on this blog – Xstardess!!

    Wishing you a happy birthday on this special day!!
    Glory to God for renewing the lease on your life and for blessing you with another glorious birthday!
    We celebrate and rejoice with you today and pray that the Lord will grant you all your heart desires Amen.
    Please ensure that we all receive our birthday goodies before the close of play today! Lol!!

    Happy Birthday Sis!!!!

    Love of Love & Kisses xoxoxo
    God Bless You!!

  4. Happy Birthday Sis, Wishing u LLNP!!!
    Long Life Xstardess!
    Long Life Treatiez's Blog!!
    Long Life Nigeria!!!
    Mariam Oduwole

  5. Xstardess of laif, happy baiday to u hun... Igba odun, odun kan ni!!! bia, nwanne send us pishurrsss biko!!!

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  7. Happy Birthday sweetest Xstardess. I no sabi write plenty comments like u. Manage dis small one from my heart. Hope u'll accept it. Zizi

  8. The one n only xstardess,happy birthday 2 u,wish u many more sucessful n prosperous years ahead

  9. Hbd 2 u xstardess

  10. HBD Xstardess,lov u plenri sis.


  11. Happy birthday xstardess of life.long life and prosperity.ur purpose on earth shall be fulfilled IJN ur face nah

  12. Hapi birthday xstardess..may ur dayz b filled wit joy, peace, favour,hapiness and all heavenly blessing. Amen. Llnp.

  13. U guys blessed me , blessed my day, & u even went into the future to bless it ahead..u blessed my, really dis brought tears to my eyes..I love u all..Detoun, I so much appreciate u for making dis blog d No 1 family blog..I'm blessed with all dis fine & beauriful pple..from Tara , yum yum mummy, Yems, Shugy, Mariam, Mz Yadrel, Doyin, Zizi, Oladayo, Anon, Oluremi, Wumzy, Janet, to all readers d@ prayed for me..
    But D most romantic word anybody can say to me right now is "Xstardess, pls send me ur account number"....not my pix..Detoun, do u copy..

    1. You are welcome sis.Hope you had a fab day?

  14. Ha! Twaz sowie luv. HBD luv wishin u d very best in lyf..more blessing n success!

  15. But xstardess I asked you to send your account number why didn't you send it **