Sunday, 22 September 2013

Funny picture of the day LOL

I saw this picture and i couldn't control my laughter.I was going to ask what is wrong with this picture but it's so obvious isn't it?
So actor,IK Ogbonna was on vacation in the states,took pictures at different interesting spots and one of the spots was this pool side.What the heck was he thinking?That Nigerians are stupid or what?He stood by a pool,pulled down his pants in readiness to jump in the pool but the damn pool is closed.Olodo!He was obviously thinking "these mumu Nigerians won't notice,let me still pull my swag by the pool"lmaoooo.
Ok,IK,I haf see u,oya pull up ur paynt now and go home.


  1. Wat do u expect frm a typical Omo Ibo?too loud over nothing.Shey he no see d sign ni?ode.

  2. The cost of fake life is very very expensive...I bet one can't keep up all d time..can u imagine dis? A mother spends abt 20 years training her son, & here is he , allowing just a little common sense make a fool of him...over nothing..just too fake..

    What a WALLY!