Saturday, 21 September 2013

Can you marry Him?

You are a young girl of marriageable age.You've seen it all,been there,done that.You ain't a novice when it comes to relationship with men.You meet a young guy of marriageable age too.He meets all the criteria for you except he is a virgin.Proper Virgin.He doesn't know the A-z of a girl's body.He has asked you to marry him,will you?


  1. I hope he's not a kind of virgin d@ will ask u to "niso L'ori oke" to pray on d night of ur wedding...
    First I have to confirm if he is truly a virgin and not d@ he's impotent..secondly, I have to be sure there is no problem or d@ something is wrong with him..
    If he is a virgin bcos of the bible or moral standards he set for himself, why not, I will be honoured to become his wife..
    I'm a wild sex maker..I'll be so patient to lead him..I want to look @ his eyes while making love..the innocence..I want to hold him when he reach d climax , when we both plunge in2 w@ will feel like an electrified pit..I want to feel him stop when I wince and hear him ask if he's hurting me...infact let me just stop dreaming here..
    Finally , we will attend couples' seminars & humbly go for counselling..

    1. I concur with the first half of Xstardess's statement.
      1.Is he really a virgin?
      2.Is he impotent?
      3.Is he a Virgin because he truly is a moral gentleman?

      Finally, if he is a virgin then the holy spirit will be our guide during the love making sessions! Nuff said!