Thursday, 5 September 2013

Read Gospel singer,Lara George's wedding anniversary message to herhusband.

"It was 9 years ago when we first looked into each others' eyes and said 'I do.' Wow! 9 years ago! Seems like just a heartbeat passed since i said yes to you my love.

Olowo ori mi; my sugar, my baby, my bobo, my friend, my husband and so much more. I celebrate our love today in a very special and brand new way. Nobody said it's been easy peasy lemon squeazy... but it's been special, and I am grateful to God for you.

My Olugbenga George- I am honoured to be your wife. I pray that this will only be the beginning of more greatness to come for me and you together as one. While in this life, nothing will separate us in the name of Jesus. And humbly... so very humbly, i accept this love from you because it is such a beautiful thing.

I look forward to such more beauty ahead. May God restore for us the years that the cankerworm has stolen. May peace surround us round about and may our children be blessed beyond our wildest imaginations. May you and I together grow and mature to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ and may we be all that Jehovah has called us to be.I love you my darling. I truly do. I just wanted to let you know today especially (even though it's coming a day late). I will always love you. Happy anniversary!"


  1. May God bless their union.9yrs no be joke.if u survive 5 yrs togeda,u fit survive many yrs togeda.
    im glad shes not carried away by her celebrity status.she has kept her home and her privacy away from d public eye.

  2. Awww..lovely, so sweet. I dint knw she's married

  3. @aunty toun She works hard to achieve that year,she went thru a lot to get to that year,Lesson to all woman,lady and an aspiring bride, marry for love not for lust,Marry a man or lady that will be ur best friend and will stick with u during ur trying time. Never marry a man becos his pocket is large and he spends for u,Marry a man with a large heart who will be with u when he is poor and when he is rich. Am a 25 yrs old lady I got married when I was 21 and have my angel when I was 22, the man I marry was my guardian angel, @the beginning it was tough but now we are best of friends and I can't just imagine my life without him. The first two years was hell but now am 4yrs and half years with him and we understand our self very well despite he is ten years older than me. Love is real when u are with the right partner, Don't ever lose hope on ur partner. Thanks

    1. Thanks for d epistle..oh sorry, lecture

    2. @First anon,you actually made a lot of sense you know.

  4. This is it more as it is coming straight from d anonymous said,In our marriages, we shld Laugh so hard d@ even sorrow smiles @ us, Fight so strong d@ even fate accept defeat, Love so true d@ even hatred walks out of d way, & Live so well d@ even death loves2see u exist..God help our marriages.God bless our homes.