Monday, 21 October 2013

Jeta and Mbong Amata announce their separation after 10 years of beentogether

It's indeed a sad one for the fans of Jeta and Mbong as they announce their separation.They are one of the youngest couples in Nollywood and many people Didnt see that coming.Read their story below.

 Mbong met Jeta when she was so young, married him and became a mother in her early twenties. She is a former beauty queen (Miss Akwa Ibom 2003) and her dream was to be an actress. Jeta didn't mind his wife being an actress but he didn't want her featuring in Nollywood movies, so he restricted her. Mbong, some of you may have noticed, only featured in Jeta's movies. And because she met Jeta so young, Mbong didn't get a chance to date other men, never partied and until they separated, never earned a living on her own. She relied on Jeta for everything.

When they moved to the US, it became a little worse for Mbong. She became lonely and instead of being the star actress she's always dreamed of, she became a housewife, caring for Jeta and their five year old daughter. Mbong became resentful and left Jeta in 2011 and returned to Nigeria. Jeta went after her and they reconciled after Jeta promised to give her a bit more space to pursue her dreams. 

Jeta tried to live up to his promise, but as an African man, just couldn't compromise much and so last year Mbong wanted out of the marriage and Jeta let her go. Mbong and Jeta have been living separately in Los Angeles for about a year now. When I asked if there was any hope for reconciliation, my source told me 'it's only a matter of time before they file for divorce. They have moved on and the love is no longer there. Mbong is very happy now that she can do whatever she wants without a husband to stop her or tell her what she can or can't do"

Whoop!Very unfortunate.Sometimes,I shake my head when I hear ladies who just barely left their teens talk about marriage.Why the rush?Live your youth and save the latter part of your life for marriage and kids.


  1. Exactly.i got married 2 my husband @ d age of 19.we av three kids I'm 33,still struggling to finish my first degree.Sumtin I shld av done yrs bk.i used 14 part of my yrs taking care of kids.sumtimes I look in d mirror and I feel I rushed my life too early.never had d chance to party,wear minis,have other boyfriends,breakup,date other men.
    I wish they both settle their differences for the sake of their children.

    1. People don't always have to stay because of the children, if u enter a bus going to benin and the bus head towards kano, will u still stay and get to kano? Staying cuz of the kids can make them resent either parent esp if physical abuse is involved

  2. they started dating wen she was like 18.too young dou
    but wat is wrong wt d amata family sef?is it dat they cant keep an ordinary woman at home?Jeta's dad,Zack Amata is not married,fred amata failed to maintain 3 women,Ruke amata's wife cheated on him and left Ruke and now d young shall grow Jeta is following his family footsteps.good gracious.i trust my naija boys sha.see fine chick.they will hijack dis girl before d close of dawn.

  3. Hmmm, I hope she doesn't regret it oh! For someone who comes from a family of actors, he might know what he saw before he shielded her from nollywood oh! As much as I don't want to take sides, I don't belong to the school of thought that says marrying early is a sin afterall all fingers are not equal; age is not maturity. Some people married late after all the grooving and yet their marriage didn't last while I know some that married very early and they are still savouring their marriage. My neighbour married at 18, after her last waec paper, she came To her husband's house strait and they have been married happily for 19 years. People saying marriage rubbed them the chance of doing some youthful stuffs like partying and all are just looking for a point to validate their reason for wanting to leave. Marriage involves hardwork and understanding. Marriage is not a dream killer, if you have the perfect partner, and vice versa if otherwise. Enuf of my epistle, one thing I know is that there is no marriage without issues! When the chips are down, love doesn't always matter.

  4. I wish them both the best ..

  5. sometimes small tins in life hurt a lot.Jeta cldn't have tot restricting his wife cld result to dis.we are all created to fulfill purpose.we carry a seed called dream&until we achieve it, we are not fulfilled no matter how comfortable we are.Marriage shld be a place for goals , dreams , vision to be shldn't kill our a saying, if u don't build ur dreams, someone will hire u to build theirs..
    A man is d bread winner, agreed..but a woman shld atleast win d "akara" so they can eat bread&akara together..Man shall not live by bread alone...
    Jeta, d greatest mistake anyone can make in life is 2 be continually fearing to make one..u were scared ur wife cld be taken from u if allowed to pursue her dream..wasn't ur marriage supposed to be built on trust..w@ u fear most, d mistake u fear to make has cost u so much..I hope God intervenes..