Monday, 21 October 2013

Would you wear a Victoria Secret 18 carat gold bra that costs $10million?

Ladies,as much as we love to spend money to get the sexiest lingerie and undies,however,can you carry $10 million worth of blings around your bust?Remember,it's 18 carat pure,unadulterated gold.

Whew,that is one hell of a pricey push up bra.


  1. is d 18k bullshit going 2 cure breast cancer?abi shey Victoria secret don mad ni?mtshewwww oshisco.

  2. No, I wont! I would rather melt the bra and sell the gold bits and make money to feed my family. How many times can one wear the bra and how many people does one intend on showing it to - Nude.. Wobbish!

  3. All that na 4 show. No baga will buy it.

  4. Is Bra not called "'k'omu" in yoruba ni? Abi d bra won "ko" something else?So apart from my breast wey d bra go carry , abeg what else? Even tipper wey dey carry "iyanri" (sand) to build house wey person go live in sef no cost d@ much..don't worry Victoria, sebi u love to dey carry ur secret abt? Somebody go soon expose d@ secret of urs...

  5. I'm waiting for the first celeb to rock this

    1. I am sure Riri will be one of the first to rock it ...