Thursday, 10 October 2013

Maheeda shows off her hot new pair of shoes in a raunchy way

Do not be distracted,She wants you to see only them shoes and nothing more.You hear?

* clears throat* She also has a message for all ye holier than thou visiting her page and trying to advise her,

Lol someone was actually trying to advise her to think of her teenage daughter before posting these semi nude pictures and she Didnt hesitate to lash out on the poor soul.


  1. End time is near.accept Jesus fast.

  2. *continues to sip cold water*
    Oshi repete

  3. In life pple are driven either by DREAMS or DEADLINES...but in her case , if it's not DRUG ,then definitely CRAZE be her "driver" seriously, shey na shoe she dey show us or her tye and dye butt?..

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  5. Sprinkles holy water on her ...